Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy Halloween!

Another handmade costume by request...Rapunzel from Tangled. Even though Rapunzel is probably one of the most popular costumes for little girls this year, I asked Sasha about a month ago, "Would you rather I make your costume or should we buy it?" How could I possibly resist her reply that she wanted it handmade by me?

I promptly found Simplicity pattern 2065 and, with a friend's advice on how to make some changes, purchased all sorts of satin and sparkles, laces and trims. The dress sewing went smoothly, though slow-going, especially because I used fusible interfacing on the entire bodice and the skirt seams to try to reduce fraying. I even learned how to use the blind hem feature on my sewing machine, thanks to this tutorial on CraftStylish. Instead of the big overskirt and lining, I did a pink satin inset right on top of the sparkly purple satin skirt. I also opted to do little ribbon loops instead of eyelets for the lace-up bodice. I left off the long organza sleeves, figuring puffy striped satin was plenty. And I skipped the entire lining, why would I want to sew this whole dress twice?

The yarn hair crown went well, though the pattern instructions were comically off on the measurements. Kadiddlehopper's blog helped me realize it wasn't just me and provided better measurements. I think the hair ties the whole costume together so nicely.
All in all, Sasha and I are both so pleased!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Canary Cardigan

At long last, I present a finished item...Anneke's new sweater.

To say that not a lot of crafting is getting done in these parts now that I'm back to work full-time, with a baby at work, plus a 4-year-old whose preschool means an hour of driving per day - well, that would be an understatement. I actually finished this sweater at the end of my maternity leave but took many moons to pick the buttons from dear friend MarinaMaroo's impressive stash.

The pattern is Knitted DROPS Jacket in size 6-9 months. I used Cascade Yarns Sierra in this buttery yellow. It actually knitted up pretty fast and was a nice pattern and yarn to work with. Ravelry details here.

Since Anneke is already six-months-old (what? how did that happen?) and a chub-chub, I expect she'll be wearing this any day now!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kerchief Bibs

Two months go by in the blink of an eye, huh? In a rare moment I was able to whip up three kerchief bibs for this baby who drools all the live-long day. The pattern is from Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing for Baby, and I used some fabrics I've had in my stash for too long to remember where they came from.

I really like this bib pattern (it's not all curves like most bibs!) but I think in the future, instead of following the instructions to hem all the edges, I'll double the fabric and turn it inside out. With only one layer of cotton, this baby is done with the bib by the time I have it tied. The style is so cute though!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

For a baby boy

For a baby boy due any day now, what every parent needs/laughs at: the peepee teepee. Using this tutorial, I made four of them so that a clean one will always be around to use/amuse the parents. If you're not familiar with the concept, they're meant for use during diaper changes for baby boys. Are they useful? I don't know, I have girls! They are certainly entertaining, at the very least.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Three taggie blankets for three girls born within months of one another, including my own Anneke.

Ribbons from my stash, pink minky from Joann's, and I can't recall where I got the balloon fabric many moons ago.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Inspired by the barrettes Sasha always wore as a baby, I decided to try my hand at making barrettes with metal clips and ribbons. For three friends with girls, these were fun to make!

Forgive the last photo taken on my iPhone on a rainy day.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cloth Napkins

When I took a tablecloth off my fabric-hoarding-friend's hands long ago, I had no idea what I would do with it. I only knew I was drawn to it and couldn't let it go through multiple fabric purges.

Lo and behold, a few days ago I stalled out on a project in the works that suddenly require a trip to the fabric store while the baby was sleeping: no go. The tablecloth called out to me from the corner of my stash, and by the end of that (extremely long) baby nap, nine cloth napkins were born!

In yellow, gold and white, these napkins really please me because they're beautiful and not disposable!