Saturday, August 6, 2011

Canary Cardigan

At long last, I present a finished item...Anneke's new sweater.

To say that not a lot of crafting is getting done in these parts now that I'm back to work full-time, with a baby at work, plus a 4-year-old whose preschool means an hour of driving per day - well, that would be an understatement. I actually finished this sweater at the end of my maternity leave but took many moons to pick the buttons from dear friend MarinaMaroo's impressive stash.

The pattern is Knitted DROPS Jacket in size 6-9 months. I used Cascade Yarns Sierra in this buttery yellow. It actually knitted up pretty fast and was a nice pattern and yarn to work with. Ravelry details here.

Since Anneke is already six-months-old (what? how did that happen?) and a chub-chub, I expect she'll be wearing this any day now!

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Shel/Nate/Anipals said...

That is soooo pretty! I love the color. I'm going to have to make this one, I've been looking for some giftable baby sweaters!